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Meet Michelle

Social Media Marketing Expert

It Starts With an Engaging Social Media Presence and I am Here to Help. 


 Working with me means you get a Brand Ambassador. I will help you tell your story and communicate your company’s vision effectively so you can concentrate on doing what your business does best.

I want you to understand that social media marketing is nothing to fear. It can be rewarding and enjoyable! 

I believe social media works best when you’re having fun! I’ll provide you with the tools to create your content, teaching you about the latest social media trends and make sure you’re comfortable on camera, so that you can showcase your business in its best light. Also connect you with my large network for collaboration opportunities and additional exposure.

​My background

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I grew up in a FUN, LOUD and ENERGETIC household! I love dancing, making people laugh and bringing people together! My childhood and forever superhero is Wonder Woman! She always inspired me to beat the odds, take risks, be strong, be persistent, creative, optimistic and to love hard!

I started this business because I love socializing! As a bilingual Latina entrepreneur, I enjoy participating and supporting local business socials in the Tampa Bay area and bringing people together! Collaborations = Success!!

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