Social Media and Covid-19

Updated: May 9, 2020

Are you finding balance with your Social Media during this new social distancing lifestyle?

As a business you are leveraging right now the fact that EVERYONE is connected to social media! I sure hope so. Also for personal usage, we are totally counting on social media to keep us entertained, informed, shop online and stay connected to all of our friends and family. But, is it taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Think physical distancing not social distancing! As Josh Hawkins from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas stated, “Technology can help you stay socially connected while self-isolating. Just keep it in balance”.. It is all about balance right? If you need breaks because seeing negative on social media or you are just overwhelmed, remember there is so many ways to stay connected other than social media. Phone calls, texts and video chats. One way you can help spreading a positive social media presence is injecting humor!! Show us your dance moves, share your singing talents, what you have been cooking or the cool crafty things you have come up with to keep your family entertained! These are very difficult times and social media has so many benefits not only for business but personal so let’s use it for the good and spread fun all around like confetti!

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