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Social Media Consulting & Training

Training on How to Become a Social Media Rockstar

Planning and executing your own social media marketing strategy may sound very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! My social media training sessions are tailored to each individual client. My goal is to show you how social media marketing can reinforce your marketing strategy on every platform and that it can be lots of fun!

I provide personalized support, tools, and training that will increase engagement with your community, Bring your Brand to Life and build relationships for the Know, Trust and Love factor which results in more business your way! Together we will create a thoughtful and purposeful social media marketing plan and calendar. These tools will keep you organized and efficient and will help you attain your goals! 


Consulting and Support for Business Success

Once training is complete, you can choose to continue with consulting and support services as needed to maximize your success on your social media platforms! I will be available to advise you on social media plan development, campaign management, and strategic marketing execution. Keep you updated on the new social media trends as social media platforms are always evolving! I also provide bilingual services to expand your marketing possibilities!


You can cancel the engagement when you feel confident in your ability to execute your social media strategy without my support or decrease your consulting hours to best fit your needs! 
Contact me and let's rock it!

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